International Coal Energy

ICE Coal Transportation and logistics management process

ICE Coal
and Logistics
Management Process

Inspection (PSI)

ICE places a high value on coal quality, ensuring the completion of pre-shipment inspection processes and resolution of issues. Pre-shipment inspection helps reduce the risk of problems during transportation and safeguards the interests of the buyer.

During the pre-shipment process for coal, the inspection team utilizes professional techniques and methods to ensure that the inspected coal meets the required standards. This facilitates the smooth conduct of international trade.

1. Inspection Team

Inspection work conducted before coal transportation. Our inspection team examines the appearance, quality, moisture content, ash content, sulfur content, particle size, and takes samples as needed.

2. Sampling

Sampling helps ensure that the samples obtained represent the entire batch of goods for comprehensive testing and analysis. Pre-shipment inspection aims to ensure that the coal meets relevant quality standards and regulations and ensures safety and sustainability during transportation and usage.


2.1. 24h Monitoring Team

In the coal mining delivery and loading process, ICE Company is committed to 24-hour real-time monitoring of the entire loading process, including the start and end times of loading, as well as relevant environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and climatic conditions, to ensure that the coal loading complies with transportation standards and regulations.

With the use of real-time monitoring cameras, sensors, and other technologies, we are able to promptly identify and address any potential loading issues to ensure the safety and integrity of the cargo.

Taking photos before and after loading: ICE will take photos of the coal mine before and after loading to record the condition and quality of the coal.

2.2. Draft Witness

We have designated personnel at the loading site to ensure thorough documentation of the loading process, ensuring compliance with relevant delivery terms and regulatory requirements.

The draft witnesses assist in providing process transparency, ensuring thorough documentation of the loading process, to serve as a reference basis when necessary.

2.3. Paperwork

Following the loading process, paperwork entails sorting, organizing, and archiving the documentation and reports related to the loading operations. This includes loading manifests, inspection records, and any other written documents associated with the loading activities. Additionally, paperwork also encompasses report writing and data input tasks to ensure clear and comprehensive written records of all loading activities.

Furthermore, the documentation also provides a summary and evaluation of the entire loading process, including the efficiency, safety, and compliance with requirements. At the same time, further recommendations or improvement measures will be provided as needed.


When the coal arrives at its destination, the discharging process requires careful supervision and operation.

3.1. On-field Team

Firstly, the on-field team will oversee the efficient unloading of the coal from the transportation vessel to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation.

3.2. Surveyor Sampling Personnel

3.2. Surveyor
Sampling Personnel

Secondly, the surveyor sampling personnel will witness and record the process of obtaining coal samples on-site to ensure the accuracy and transparency of sample collection.

3.3. Draft Witness

Additionally, the Draft Witness will be responsible for overseeing and documenting every aspect of the discharging process, ensuring clear and comprehensive written records of all procedures.

During the discharging process, thorough inspections will be conducted, records will be updated promptly, and detailed reports will be generated to comprehensively document every aspect of the discharging operation, ensuring the smooth progress of the entire process.